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  • "I wanted to pursue my career in something that I always had the passion for - Makeup! I came across TEMA and was very much impressed by the whole thing. It is a very affordable and convenient path that leads you to your goal. William Lemon is a great artist and his lessons make you much more passionate towards your work. Will is just so amazing! Watching his videos makes me feel much more confident, "Yes" I too can do this! The thing I love most about TEMA besides the program is the kind of service and encouragement they provide to their students. Ms. Leora is an awesome human being and a great mentor. I have been in touch with her even before I enrolled for the program and even today I write to her my queries and her responses are so quick. She is so encouraging and every time I talk to her I feel "YES" I have chosen the right path. TEMA is a great platform for beginners, just like me, to learn and aspire to your dreams. I am so happy to be a part of TEMA :)"
    Carmel, Indiana
  • Hi! My name is Shelby Hedgecock! I'm from Loudon, Tennessee, but have been living in Los Angeles for almost 2 years! Moving out here has been a dream come true for me. In the time I've been in California, I've learned a lot about myself... including my obsession with makeup! It all started when I competed for the title of Miss California USA 2015! Being a pageant queen sounds like a lot of fun, but when you don't know how to apply stage makeup, it can be a bit intimidating. All of us have to learn how to apply makeup ourselves, because we are only allowed assistance with touch ups for preliminaries & finals! The knowledge I've been able to apply from the TEMA course, not only in pageants, but in my day to day life has been absolutely amazing! I now can apply my own makeup for my pageants, headshots, press events, videos, etc. with ease! The course is so simple & easy to follow. Anyone can do it! The simple things you learn from Will Lemon like the "inverted V", matching makeup to skin type, color wheel for correcting, etc. seriously are are so brilliant, and you are able to take that & use it for the rest of your life! He genuinely shows you step by step, it almost feels as if you're in the room with him, but you have the luxury of rewinding & pausing, if needed 🙂 You also receive a hefty workbook to follow along & read into what the course videos don't touch on. It's perfect for artists who learn different ways! I love it! I not only do my own makeup, but in my spare time, I love to work with my friends & referrals for some extra cash! Helping people shine is my specialty & these courses have helped my journey into the world of makeup artistry more than I can even describe. I highly recommend teaming up with Will Lemon & TEMA. Anyone would benefit from this course! You get your certification on your own time, so it's super flexible. Whether you're a beginner, or an advanced artist... THIS IS FOR YOU! Makeup is something that is always changing, so we as makeup connoisseurs have to keep up to stay on top of our craft. We never stop learning. The staff at TEMA truly cares about each of their students & I'm so happy to be intertwined with people who genuinely care about my career & success as not only an artist, but an individual. Thank you so much, TEMA!
    Shelby Hedgecock
    Los Angeles, Ca
  • “When I set out to look for makeup courses, I encountered so many classes that cost about $5,000+ (tuition and books included). Being a post-graduate student with loans, I didn’t want to borrow money to put myself into more debt. So I put that dream on hold. Not long after, I found the Event Makeup Artist (TEMA) and I'm so grateful that I came across their site. I love how you can earn a certificate after you have finished the course. What is even more amazing is their awesome instructor; Will Lemon who had done makeup on Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and other celebrities. He does an amazing job on explaining, demonstrating, and going into detail on how to apply makeup on different skin types, ethnicities, and looks. He gives awesome tips and industry advice. With your purchase, you also get an eBook that offers more tips and list of items you need to start a kit and a contact the teacher section. This is definitely a great course for beginners, makeup lovers, busy moms, students, or just anyone. It's much more affordable, can be done in the comfort of your own home, you set your own schedule, and an industry makeup artist teaches you. I have learned so much from taking this course. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves makeup as much as I do and wants to aspire to become a makeup artist.”
    Sandy Iam
    Brea, CA
  • "TEMAs approach to the artistry of makeup is one to be admired. William Lemon teaches with such passion and is a true artist. Because he taught himself it was necessary to discover a seamless way to blend true art and the human form together, making him an ideal person to learn from. Even as a makeup artist of 8 years I still learned things that have since changed my own application. If you’re looking for a class that teaches the basics of makeup while encouraging the freedom of the industry this is the one!"
  • "TEMA is the best tool in my makeup bag! I’ve spent my fair share on beauty products, but never had more than “magazine instructions” or someone at a cosmetics counter to help me use them. I love that TEMA is available to me at a price I can afford. The tutorials are professional and fun to watch and I appreciate that I can learn something new in only a few minutes each day. The skills I’m learning give me the confidence to create a range of natural and dramatic looks that I’ve never been able to master in the past. I’m so glad I found TEMA- thanks for making this course available and for inspiring me to be my own personal makeup artist!”
  • "As a makeup junkie and forever student I can truly say that The Event Makeup Artist course is really a one stop shop where you can learn and master your craft all without having to spend hours weeding through mountains of resources to find the info you need, TEMA has done that for you. Most importantly the TEMA course is not just a learning tool, it’s a community… a place where you gain and give support to other artists that all share a common thread… a passion for makeup artistry and the drive to make it their career."


  • Makeup lovers
  • Go-getters
  • Creative types
  • Artists
  • Beauty Enthusiasts
  • Event Industry Professionals


  • Exclusive techniques from one of the most sought after professional MUAs in the industry.
  • Our product knowledge tutorials will empower you to identify what’s really in your makeup so you will know what many of the common ingredients mean.
  • Save money mixing your own product with our Product Knowledge (section II) and Makeup Fundamentals tutorials.
  • Unlike other courses taught by enthusiasts Will’s 10 year celebrity MUA career and varied expertise will prepare you to be a makeup master on any face any ethnicity any skin color.
  • We show you how to build a professional portfolio that goes to work for you attracting you more business.
  • Step-by-step guides on how to find clients and earn real money.
  • Short cut your success by tapping into Will’s practical skills you’ll use everyday as a professional MUA.


  • Discover insider makeup tips and tricks by one of LA’s most coveted celebrity makeup artists in over 5 hours of flawless/breakthrough/perfected tutorials
  • 63 lessons and quizzes where you can learn unmatched makeup training. for example, you’ll discover Will’s secret mirror method technique which allows you to perfectly color match your model’s skin without constantly testing shades. This is just one of Will’s many inventions that are totally unique/cutting edge.
  • Tap into your self-eprexsion with our Practice exercises and model illustrations
  • Tema empowers you to unleash your creativity so you can make money with our start up business guide and training manuals
  • Be admired as a professional makeup artist with our TEMA Certification personalized just for you
  • You can feel totally secure with our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Go through the course, down load the work sheets and if you aren’t totally happy get a full refund with no hassles

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Certification can be confused with licensing. TEMA’s certificate of completion stamps your portfolio with integrity and professionalism.


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Presenting your certificate at makeup stores can save you on average 20-40% on your favorite products


Makeup Kit

Makeup Artists can make more than $75,000 a year! DO YOU KNOW WHY…..

Good makeup artists are hard to find- demand is high and supply is low. The average income of a makeup artist is $75,000/ year (show reference) and depending on your drive can be millions of dollars! Work with the music industry, on fashion shoots, beautify brides (or grooms!), make the body your canvas,  work on movie sets…whatever your professional MUA aspirations, we help get you there!

Here’s just some of the way’s you can use your new makeup skills

  • Red Carpet Events
  • Weddings
  • Bar / Bat Mitsvahs
  • Quincinieras
  • Proms

  • Magazines
  • Television
  • Film
  • Headshots
  • Fashion Shows
  • Music Videos

  • Lead Makeup Artist
  • Interviews
  • Performances
  • Special Appearances
  • Head Shots

That’s Also Why The Average Cost of Makeup Artist Education is $3,500!

Learning a skill that makes you money in a reasonable amount of time can be done. Supply and demand allows traditional schools and online courses to charge whatever they want. The Event Makeup Artist was created to enable anyone that has the passion and drive to learn to be a makeup artist in only 30 days at an affordable price.

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